4 Top Tips to keep Natural Kinky & Curly Hair Healthy during the Winter

Hey All,

Autumn (Fall) is on its way and with that comes much cooler weather conditions. The colder weather can be harsh on the skin and hair.  Natural kinky curly hair is especially vulnerable as it is already prone to dryness and the cold weather can reek havoc and cause the hair to become dry and brittle. The growth phase of the hair cycle also slows down during this time of the year and your hair does not grow as quickly as during the warmer months. I am going to outline how you can keep natural hair healthy and moisturized during this time.

1.  Moisture

It is likely that you will have to moisturize the hair more often during this time. I wouldn’t recommend going more than 2 days without remoisturizing the hair. Moisturizing the hair should include you spritzing the hair with water or a water-based leave-in conditioner (see how to make your own leave-in hydrating conditioner in a previous blog post Top tips to keep your hair hydrated this summer: Plus how to make your own simple homemade hydrating leave-in conditioner spray ) and then adding an oil (you may want to opt for a thicker and heavier oil such as Shea butter or castor oil which can help lock in the moisture for longer and when needed adding a moisturizing lotion of cream on top of the oil. If you are wearing your hair in a protective style such as braids or a weave then use a water and oil spray mix which you spritz on the hair daily.



2. Protective styling

You may have noticed me promoting my ‘Protective Styling for Hair Growth Challenge’ in one of my most recent blog posts Natural hair update: Plus join me on a 10 month ‘Protective Styling for Hair Growth Challenge’ to promote healthy hair that grows. Begins on the 24th of September 2018-Ends July 24th 2019.. The colder months are the perfect time to protect your own hair strands from the harsh weather conditions and at the same time help you to retain more length. However be mindful during the installation and take down process of protective styles to ensure that unnecessary stress is not put on your own hair and breakage and hair loss does not occur. Find a reputable stylist or learn to create your own protective styles to avoid this.


Protective Styling

Me currently rocking crochet Havana twists (installed by me)

3. Clothing

During the colder months, we are more likely to wear clothing such as scarves and high necked tops which can cause breakage due to the moisture-robbing materials which the hair can rub upon if it is left free. this is why protective styles such as buns are a great option as the ends of the hair are tucked away. Another option to wear silk scarfs and shirts if wearing the hair loose often, as the material will not absorb moisture and avoid they avoid friction. If you wear hats often then line them with a silk or satin scarf to avoid the hair drying out.

woman wears black suit jacket photography

4. Deep conditioning

Time to step up on your deep conditioning game. preferably opt for moisturizing conditioners to keep the hair hydrated and to replace lost moisture but do include protein-based deep conditioners where you feel necessary. Use a hooded dryer or a heated cap to help the conditioner penetrate deep into the hair shaft. (below are affiliate image links to two of my current favourite deep conditioners). I would not recommend going more than two weeks between deep conditioning treatments.


If I were to chose two words to sum up caring for natural hair during the winter months they would be moisture and protect. If you  do these two things well then your hair will continue to flourish.

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Naturally G XX


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