Out Now: ‘The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide’ & ‘Make Your Own Homemade Hair Products for Natural Hair’


I’m excited to announce the upcoming publications of my 2 books which are aimed at promoting healthy natural hair which is able to grow to longer lengths.


beauty of nature

With my professional hair care knowledge and own personal experience, I have created an up to date natural hair guide which covers how to create an effective hair care regime which promotes healthy kinky & curly natural hair. With over 100 pages this guide covers topics such as the science of the hair, Creating an effective wash day routine, caring for children’s natural hair, male grooming and many other topics specific to natural kinkier hair.



In ‘Make Your Own Homemade Hair Products for Natural Hair’ I have put together 25 recipes from shampoos to hair gels which you can create with a few simple natural and chemical free ingredients which can be purchased from your local supermarkets and online stores such as Amazon. I have focused on ingredients which I have researched and tried and tested myself which have amazing benefits for kinkier hair textures that has the tendency to be drier by nature. I have included video tutorials for many of the homemade recipes listed in the book and I also discuss the benefits of certain key ingredients when creating your own hair care products.


Feel free to contact me with any queries regarding my books using the contact form below.


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