Naturally G’s Online Hair Consultancy service- PROMOTIONAL PRICES Ending Very Soon


With years of research and experience into hair, especially type 4 and 3 kinky curly, Afro hair as well as being a fully qualified hair practitioner it is now time that I share my knowledge, experience and creativity with others.

  • Have you recently decided to transition from relaxed to natural?
  • Are you struggling to find a suitable hair routine which promotes healthy hair and growth?
  • Are you experiencing constant breakage (no medical condition linked)?
  • Do you need advice on hair products and how to make some of your own natural products to use in your hair regime?
  • Are you struggling to manage your child’s natural hair and need tips and advice to help manage their hair more easily?
  • Do you want to straighten your natural hair with a blow dryer or flat iron without damage?
  • Would you like the ease of having a hairstylist to help you look after your natural hair?
  • Are you fed up of going to hair salons who do not know how to delicately care for your hair or charge you more for various services because your hair is natural?

If any of these statements ring true then I am here to help, whether that may be offering my Online Hair Consultancy Service (international) or mobile services (London, UK based)

See below for the range of services which I am offering and promotional prices. Use the contact form below to contact me for further information regarding my online and mobile services.


My Online Hair Consultancy Service  Q & A


What is Naturally G’s Online Hair Consultancy Service?

A hair consultancy service which is conducted online rather than in person which offers professional advice on how to have healthy natural hair, so you are able to reach your hair goals. This service allows me to reach you worldwide.


Are you qualified to assess my hair?

Certainly. I hold full hairdressing qualifications (Cosmetology School). I have also been natural myself for nearly 6 years so have first- hand experience on dealing with kinky curly hair textures. I have also undertaken accredited courses in hair care and product making, so have a wealth of knowledge regarding the science of the hair and ingredients used to promote healthy hair. Lastly, I am a qualified high school teacher, so I bring my teaching skills together with my hair care experience and give you the best service I can.


How can my hair be assessed online?

I conduct an evaluation which includes you filling out an evaluation sheet which helps me better to understand your hair. This can also be done via the phone if you do not which to type everything out. It is also useful to have some pictures taken of your hair or short video clips, so I can visually get an idea of your hair type and the issues you may face.


So how can you actually help me?

After going through the assessment which can be done within 48 hr after joining my consultancy service I will create a personalized hair care regime plan which you are sent a copy of. This will include recommendations on how to care for your hair and branded and homemade products which will help promote healthier hair.


Is there anything else included in the service?

Yes, with this service you get a free copy of  ‘The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide’ my 100-page natural hair guide (release date November 2018). You also get exclusive membership to Naturally G’s private Facebook group where I conduct weekly Q & A’s on natural hair care (I go live), show useful tutorials and a forum where all members can share information on natural hair.


How long can I use this service for?

You will have a year- long subscription to personalized help and advice from myself which means you will be able to contact me via email or we can arrange voice calls if you wish and you will receive feedback from me within 48 hours. I will also check in with you monthly to track your progress. After the years service is up you will still have access to my Private Facebook group which you are a member of for life if you wish.


For a limited time pay £20 to sign up to my online hair consultancy service for one year

The online hair consultancy service offers personalized advice on how to promote healthy hair so that it is able to grow and flourish. With this service you will able to contact me for advice on how to better manage your natural hair. You will also receive an in depth hair routine fact sheet with recommended product and advice on creating your own organic hair products according to your individual needs. Once you sign up you will be able to email me for personalized advice (send pictures and videos if needed) and you will receive feedback from me within 48 hours.



Click on the link below if you live in London and surrounding areas and are Interested in my Mobile Hair Consultancy Service for more information.

My Mobile Hair Consultancy Service
















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